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And now for something just a little different…

I’m a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions. But in many areas of my life, such as Second Life, I don’t make resolutions so much as think about what I might want to focus on, or what directions… Read More


Uber is getting off to a great start this year, with plenty of amazing things to add to your inventory! [see how I just skipped right over that new year’s resolution to tidy up my inventory??] I love… Read More

Happy New Year 2016!

~Click the photo to see it bigger and better on my Flickr stream … and while you’re there, follow me! I often post photos there that I don’t blog~ Every year I think that finally the magic of… Read More

Last Chance Uber!

I think you just might have time to slip into Uber before they change out the collection! But don’t delay — this is truly the last chance! Jeans: Spirit — Now at UBER | Top: Blueberry | Boots:… Read More


Days and nights are growing a little hectic with the holiday’s imminent arrival! Please forgive me for being brief~ You have just a few short days to get over to Uber before the collection changes — and it… Read More

Polar Drift

Bigger is better! Follow my Flickr stream~ I celebrated my 8th Rezday last month while I was on a short hiatus. It’s the first truly extended cold-turkey break I’ve taken from SL ever! Sadly, a relationship I valued… Read More

In the middle of starting over…

Bigger is better! Follow my Flickr stream~ After the whirlwind of August, September feels like a time to settle in a bit. My thoughts begin to turn to changing seasons and to changing up my SL. After so… Read More

Summer Sun

See it bigger and better on my Flickr stream! In my part of the world, the weather is warm and sunny, and daylight takes us far into the evenings yet. But in my mind, this is my last… Read More

Living Easy

See it bigger and better on my Flickr stream! In my part of the world, we are on the summer end of spring, and that means I’m on the lookout for some great casual, warm-weather apparel! If you… Read More

Punk Princess

One of my favorite shopping events, Collabor88, is winding down the April round, but you still have a couple of days to do some shopping. You can do it while you’re waiting for some of the new events… Read More