all good things…

all good things...

My blog, in its various incarnations, has been a part of my second life from almost day one. The blogs of the day helped me find my way into, and through, a world that has provided immense enjoyment in my life. I have been thrilled to be part of that community for so many reasons. Although I have been a sporadic blogger at best, its been a constant for me, even when in the background.

I find myself in the position of needing to re-juggle and re-balance, so I’ve decided to put Wondering the Grid on indefinite hiatus. Part of it is the evolving wants and needs of my first life. But I also find that I want to stretch myself in new and different ways in my second life as well. I have a special relationship I want to savor, photographic adventures I want to take, and creative collaborations I want to explore.

I’m not leaving! Just changing platforms. If we don’t already follow each other on Flickr… I hope we will! You can find me at . Of course, there will be pictures. And, because it is rare that I have nothing to say, I’m sure there will be a bit of micro-blogging there as well. Thanks for the ride so far… I hope you’ll stay with me 🙂

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