Final Fantasy Festival

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Happy Valentine’s Day, my friends. Although I don’t have a romantic partner at the moment — my life is full of people who fill my life with love and joy every single day!

I found this terrific fantasy outfit at the Final Fantasy Festival, open now and running ’til February 21. This is a great little shopping event — quick and easy to navigate, with some interesting finds. I picked this up for the wings alone — but the whole outfit is very nice. It’s available in a variety of colors. Be sure to check out the demo that’s available before purchasing~

Outfit: Cain
Hair: Truth
Skin: Glam Affair ~ Sylvia
Pose: Reel Expression (no longer available)

FaMESHed ~


Another round of FaMESHed has begun, with some really wonderful items, as usual. I fell in love with this classic jacket from Emery. I can’t seem to get enough mesh jackets! They are wonderfully versatile pieces. Two features that I really love about this one: (1) there’s a version in the box that includes the top (with a couple of neutral color choices), as well as a version you can layer with your own tops. (2) it has some really interesting detailing on the back, which you can see in the picture below. The jacket is available in a variety of colors — neutral and brights… and I expect you’ll see another version on me in another post. Demos are free, so go check it out!


Jacket and Top: Emery – Biker Jacket Amadeus Top Included (at FaMESHed)
Pants: Sn@tch Leather Laced Pants (Black)
Ring: KOSH- ADAIN RING -silver-
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Disco lover Cross – Long 2 – SILVER (at FaMESHed)
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Jill – Gingers03
Skin: -Glam Affair – Lulu ( America ) 01 B
Eyelashes: [[Mozz]] Lashes – 04 [tattoo layer]
Freckles: [Stellar] Freckle Face Tattoo
Eyes: IKON Lucid Eyes – Optimism (S)
Poses: Reel Expression (no longer available)

Life is simple…it’s just not easy


I hadn’t really planned to take a little hiatus, but it seems that this time of year is always vulnerable to that. I find that after a little bit of time of away, I am itching to style an outfit, decorate a space, and take pictures again :) This is just a little “warm-up” picture to ease back in! No new releases, but I am wearing awesome stuff, so check out the credits below~

Dress: Sn@tch Chloe Party Dress (Blue)
Shoes: [Gos] Angelina Peeptoe – Seduction Collection – S
Cuff: erratic / cuff / silver
Ring: JCNY – Athena, ‘ICONOCLAST’ Combo Wedding/Engagement Ring
Hair: >TRUTH< RiRi - champagne
Skin: LAQ ~ Ebba [Peach] 01
Freckles: LAQ ~ Freckles 01
Lashes: [[Mozz]] Lashes – 04
Eyes: IKON Eternal Eyes – Silver (S)
Pose: Captivity & Co.

[10/53] Tuli at Skin Fair

~See hi-res enlargements of this photo on my Flickr stream~

That’s right — the Skin Fair is almost here! The fair will run Friday, March 15 thru Sunday, March 31. I did a little reconnaissance last night, and tho’ designers are still setting up, it looks like a fantastic array of choices. For more information on the fair, keep an eye on the official Skin Fair blog. You can also get an excellent preview of the designers, and sim maps over at Dani Riaxik’s blog!

I’m wearing Tuli’s beautiful new release for the fair, Elyse. I’m so thrilled to see Tuli back on the grid. She’s releasing some really lovely, subtle skins that can be personalized with tattoo layer makeup, and other options. I love this skin for photography, and for everyday wear! Be sure to check her out at the Skin Fair!

Skin: Tuli- Elyse — New at the Skin Fair!
Eyes: IKON ~ Lucid
Eyelashes: Mozz
Freckles: Stellar
Hair: Truth
Shirt: Sn@tch
Necklace: Magpie
Pose: Izzie’s

Sn@tch + Gos Boutique = Swoon! [9/52]

~See hi-res enlargements of this photo on my Flickr stream~

I have a tendency to hang out in my underwear a lot in SL — maybe just ’cause I can! Fortunately there are a lot of talented designers making underthings that you really don’t WANT to cover up. This newish set from Sn@tch is absolutely one of my favorites! It has a beautiful texture (available in many colors), and the mesh corset is just perfection on me! I’m pretty picky about mesh, and how it works with both my shape and my animations — but this corset works just beautifully. The cut of the piece avoids the areas where I often like to depart from standard sizing, AND it avoids covering the areas where animations will often break through the mesh. Perfect!

And what goes better with lingerie than strappy heels. These sexy sandals from Gos Boutique definitely fit the bill!

Outfit: Sn@tch
Shoes: Gos Boutique
Hair: Truth
Skin: Laqroki
Eyes: Ikon ~ Lucid Eyes
Necklace: Earthstones
Tattoo: Flowey
Ring: JCNY
Pouffe with poses: Gos Boutique

Lucid [8/52]

~ See hi-res enlargements of this picture on my Flickr stream ~

I’ve been a grey-eyed girl in SL for about as long as I can remember. But when I recently decided to move to brown eyes, I went to one of my favorite eye stores, IKON, to re-stock. I got there just as Ikon Innovia was updating her latest release, Lucid eyes. These are gorgeous, reflective eyes with lots of sparkle. I’m wearing the coffee-colored eyes — but be sure to check out the full color range available at IKON.

Eyes: Ikon ~ Lucid Eyes (new!)
Hair: Truth
Skin: Laqroki
Necklace: Earthstones
Tattoo: Flowey

Claire – A Valentine Treat from Tuli [7/52]

~See hi-res enlargements of this picture on my Flickr stream~

In case anyone hasn’t been paying attention — one of my favorite skin-makers is back on the grid and gearing up to give us more awesomeness! Tuli has opened up shop on the Cupcakes sim and is participating in their Valentine event thru tomorrow. She’s offering a Valentine version of one of my all-time favorite faces, Claire. See all the various options offered on Tuli’s blog.

I’m also wearing an adorable hair from Elikatira — from her huge clearance sale! The sale runs thru Feb. 23 — but don’t wait ’til the last minute! So many choices… And the fantastic jacket you are getting just a glimpse of here is from this month’s round of FaMESHed, from Emery. I’m totally in love with this jacket and fat-packed it immediately! So great for so many looks, and very easy to wear.

Skin: Tuli ~ Claire / petal (red) :: Yes (Valentine 2013)
Eyes: IKON Utopia Eyes – Pale Mint+Gold (S)
Eyelashes: [[Mozz]] Lashes – 08
Hair: [e] Caramel – Red 06
Jacket: Emery – Mesh Leather Jacket Saul Bark (at FaMESHed)
Bra: *blowpop* Jolene – Cranberry
Jewelry: (Magpie*) Cassana – Silver/Pink
Pose: Izzie’s

<3 Sn@tch [6/52]

~See hi-res enlargements of this picture on my Flickr stream~

Today I’m showing you a quick look-of-the-day with Sn@tch’s current Sn@tch-n-Grab special — an adorable sweater/skirt set. The sweater is a system layer with sculpted cuffs and collar, and the skirt is mesh. Super-cute together, but you could also wear them separately. The sweater comes with a variety of heart-colors, but of course I had to choose valentine-red! This special price will be available until Wednesday~~

Sweater & Skirt: :::Sn@tch Have a Heart :::
Hair: >TRUTH< Neve - champagne
Skin: LAQ ~ Ebba – [Fair] – 03
Freckles: LAQ ~ Freckles 01
Lashes: [[Mozz]] Lashes – 04
Eyes: IKON Eternal Eyes – Teak (S)
Glasses: primOptic Plume glasses 1.19
Necklace: EarthStones Love Always Necklace – Diamond/Platinum
Pose: Purple Poses (at SL Fashion Week)

TDR Fusion~ [5/52]

~See hi-res enlargements of this picture on my Flickr stream~

Today’s look features two fantastic pieces. The gorgeous blouse is from Kunglers, available now at The Dressing Room Fusion. It’s mesh, but such an easy fit! The rich fabric and high neck make it appropriate for a variety of occasions, and the peekaboo sides make it just sexy enough to show off a little bit.

I’ve paired the blouse with skinny leather pants from Maitreya’s latest collection. Maitreya is doing some of the best mesh clothing out there, and these pants are outstanding! They’re a very versatile wardrobe staple, and the zipper details just make me swoon!

Check out yesterday’s post for a better look at the skin I’m wearing — also available now at TDR Fusion~

Blouse: (Kunglers) The Dressing Room Fusion – Blouse ~Iris
Pants: Maitreya Leather Skinny Pants * Black
Skin: Akeruka Giorgia Tan TDR Fusion
Hair: >TRUTH< Azrea - copper
Eyes: .ID. City Lights / Colorful / Indigo
Pose: Marukin (Collabor88)

Giorgia [4/52]

~See hi-res enlargements of this picture on my Flickr stream~

This morning I’m wearing a lovely new skin for me, Giorgia, from Akeruka. It’s definitely a skin for redheads and gingers! This makeup is available at The Dressing Fusion right now, and is a great way to try out a skin designer, if they are new to you! I’m not sure where we are in this cycle of TDR, so if this one catches your eye — hurry!

Skin: Akeruka Giorgia Tan The Dressing Room Fusion
Hair: >TRUTH< Azrea - copper
Eyes: .ID. City Lights / Colorful / Indigo
Blouse: (Kunglers) The Dressing Room Fusion – Blouse ~Iris

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